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Our history
shecco was set up in 2000 as a business unit within Norsk Hydro's venture company, Hydro Pronova. shecco's mission within the leading Norwegian conglomerate for Energy and Aluminum was to develop sustainable heating and cooling solutions based on CO2.

In cooperation with Japanese partners, Denso, Sanyo and Daikin, shecco was instrumental in facilitating the birth of the EcoCute market in Japan, the renowed CO2-based domestic water heat pumps. shecco has also worked with automobile manufacturers and commercial refrigeration retailers and suppliers, for instance with The Coca-Cola Company.

Whilst conducting these CO2-based activities, the potential of providing broader marketing services to support various climate change technologies was identified. Hence, to take full advantage of these growing opportunities, shecco spun off in 2007 from Norsk Hydro to become an independent company based in Belgium.

2008 and beyond
Today, shecco enjoys the freedom and flexibility to provide dedicated services in order to help our customers "Sustain our Atmosphere".

The new shecco brand, launched in September 2008, represents this open approach. With a strong base of over 100 customers worldwide, shecco is prepared to overcome the challenges facing climate-friendly technologies to ensure that they have a positive impact on our planet. 
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